About Jacky

About Jacky

PINK Empowerment is more than just a fashion  blog. It’s an electronic magazine, an inspiration, a desire, a cool hunting of everything that is hype from women’s world, with a creative and intelligence feelings.

It´s about fashion, lifestyle, astrology, art and women’s empowerment.

With the MISSION to promote one of the goals for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) -Formed by 8 goals that 189 world leaders made at Sept/2000.

3rd GOAL: “Promote gender equality and empower women

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About Jacky

Jacky | 28 years old | fashion producer and digital creative director| married with the programming coordinator,  photographer, audiovisual director and guitar player Gus Federighi

Already worked for amazing tv channels like HBO Latin America and for SBT channel in Brazil.

Has a creative mind and is always thirsty to find a new whimsical idea. Wanderlust is part of her life at São Paulo, and her trips to LA, NY and MIAMI.

Have a talent for acting/presenting and of course fashion is her deepest passion.

Gemini astrology sign | 220V | cinema | geek | experimental gastronomy

Enjoy some blues, R&B, classic rock, pop and spicy food.

Fashionista without prodigality stands up for every personal single style, without the rules of in and out.

Home Office Lounge Wear is the most glamorous style of all.

Personal Style: Hi-Lo, sport chic, basic, tshirt, tattoo and that´s it.

Wanderlust feelings | Addicted to Road Trips

Valentino McQueen is your portable Yorkshire which has a wannabe-human-personality.

She believes in the power of universe energies, astrology, ufology and in a green world.

“It’s not futile to like make up, love fashion, be healthy, multitasks, dominate companies hierarchy, show out our cleverness, buy shoes like a centipede and still prove what philosophy, arts and science always warned the world, and Beyoncé only reproduced: Who Run the World? GIRLS!


Deal with the daily challenges of being a woman (and still be on a high heels!) deserves a cheers to the growth of the
woman’s power and autonomy in society.

PINK Empowerment  is about…

Fashion | Beauty | Cool hunting | Girl Power | Philosophy | Arts | High tech | Design | You!