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What makes your heart beats fast?

What make you feel alive?

There is no such a place as that happiness place called freedom.

Freedom of mind and spirit.

When you’re free, when you let your wings spread the worries away.

You can find happiness.

You can find everything. Everything you need.

What do you really need?

Do you know what you want?

Do know what you love?

Finding something is always a chase for that feeling.

That one that will make your heart beat.

That one that will discover that hidden beat.

Finding yourself is more than a desire.

It’s how you breath.

And than everything else make sense.



Hey ya!

Probably you already heard of this new app called Periscope !

This is one of the most popular live stream app that you should know everything about it!









I’m such a John’s fan! He’s one of my favorite singer/guitarist of all time! Of course he’s on the top of the list!

He usually does Periscope one or more time per month and normally he’s playing, giving some life advice or just feeding his dogs! I just keep always crossing fingers that when I hear the whistle sound of Periscope, I hope is John Mayer!











Matthew Santoro is a canadian  +5 Million subcribed youtuber and also the most followed and liked in all Periscope community! He usually wake up and talk about his dreams and nightmares, you can also follow him walking in Toronto or giving advice for new Youtubers !

And some day you can have a luck (or not) to see him twerking like a freak!







I don’t need to introduce Jimmy for you, right? He’s one of my favorite host at TV, he’s one of the funniest guys I ever saw! He usually does periscope in his show and some everyday’s life! This is definitely one of the coolest thing on Periscope: watch your fav celebs doing crazy stuff. For Jimmy, you can expect…crazier stuff.










Yes I keep asking myself why she don’t have a profile picture! She’s GORGEOUS and one of the amazing scoops that she did was about chopping her own hair! WOW!


download (1)



Ellen is one of the best things in television nowadays. Even with the YouTube and all these freaky people out there, Ellen explains why we still watch television! She’s one of my best tv host of all time! Usually she does Periscope in her show! AMAZING!






Yes, you’re definitely not the only one that begins your day excited to end that mile-long to-do list and when you notice the clock is already screaming that is 6pm and you realize that… You didn’t finished most of the half you’re supposed to.

My advice? You already tried so many times to concentrate but that BuzzFeed (that was born to make you laugh in hard times in the week, thanks God, I love you BuzzFeed) keeps making you procrastinate all day long.

So why don’t you try to use one of my fav 5 apps to Beat Procrastination?

Do a test. Download the right one for you and you might actually finish your work early today.




Maybe you think that 5 minutes in that website won’t change anything and than you keep looking for another thing in another website for more 5 minutes, another funny cat in another video and than you already wasted 15 minutes just doing absolute nothing useful.

RescueTime can be a real eye-opener. As soon as you install RescueTime on your computer, it goes to work documenting how much time you spend using each program, or probably more scary, each site you visit. The free “lite” version lets you set goals and see weekly reports about how you while away your day. And, for a small monthly or annual fee, you can dig deeper with daily reports, get alerts when you go over limits you set, and follow your offline activities.






Toggl lets you keep track of the time you spend of each task with just a few clicks. You can also do a report with all your data and than you going to have a real conclusion about how you spend your time in daily basis work.

Your data can be organized with tags, colors and customized reports, connected with Gmail, Google Drive and will help you identify which tasks are demanding your time.

It’s time to compete with yourself. How great you can be dealing with your time?




Now you already know where you spend your time in websites or activities that you shouldn’t . Now you can do another schedule that is REAL that can fit exactly that To-Do list with your available time.

So you need your calendar and your to-do list, but this is not easy to find. I spend a lot of time searching for an app that can match this 2 important organization things.

Finally I found Fantastical that brings your task list and schedule together.

It doesn’t matter how many scheduled meetings/tasks you have to run for. This app will help you get organized all will match your life and you to-do list.







I have a big problem. That could me a good skill. Or a bad skill. I’m SO multitask. That could be useful, but in another hand, this could ruin your day out.

Sometimes I just feel that I need to do everything at the same time because time is getting me out of control, but you have to be calm. Start and end a task fully.

Pomodoro Technique is a timer (like those tomato-shaped kitchen timers!) that will increase your focus and will let you work for 25 minutes with a five-minutes break for each session. Sound’s great to work and than stop for a little time. You gonna be more focused. And that 5 minutes of rest you can just relax or you can run to watch that funny youtube video that everybody laughed.





So what? You tried your best (maybe not) but is very hard when you have a fav youtube channel always posting new cool stuff. Ok, maybe that’s not your problem, maybe you just can’t focus.

You need a internet rehab? Kind of. Let’s stop being dramatic, let’s face the truth, if you don’t stop and work you’ll never end and things are gonna start to explode in your hands.

So… force your self to work!


The free Chrome extension StayFocusd lets you set the amount of time you’ll allow yourself to spend on certain sites or types content. Or, if you’re truly desperate, you can even stop yourself from accessing the entire internet (a.k.a., the nuclear option). Once your time’s up, StayFocusd locks you out for the rest of the day so your only option is to actually do your work!



It doesn’t matter how messed up you are. Or if you just want get a little bit more organized in your day, these apps helps you to focus, to work harder and have absolutely more time for fun in the end!

Time is precious! Let’s work to make this time the best it could be!







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Hello weekend-seeker!

Today on Cool&Stuff: The mysterious girl from Rihana “Bitch Better Have my Money” videoclip has been choosed from Instagram!


Bad Riri  is a stalker on Instagram! She was looking for some girl that have a extraordinary style, some cool vibe for her new videoclip and … found it on Instagram!

Next time you post a photo, think about it.

And if you´re out of earth this last week, check out this incredible, freaky style from Rihanna.



IBM and Ogilvy France, did this amazing adv to create  new ideas and solutions for big cities.













I´m such a Amy´s fan and I was waiting so badly for this doc. When the doc was being produced her dad said that was so happy and excited, but after he saw the final edition he said he was upset about how things was showed in this movie. Amy´s life always gonna be a mystery, like a rock star life should be.




I loved to do this video and I received a great feedback from people that loved my techniques to take better pics with your phone! So, if you didn’t watched yet, take a look!





OMG! She is unstoppable! She already has Karlie’s Kookies, she study code, she´s one of the most famous model and Taylor´s BFF, what else… YOUTUBE channel!

This girl, rocks!







Hello Nerds !

Today is Tuesday and that means that is Geek Tuesdays!

I just had the idea to every month I can do a book review for you guys, what do you think? It could be any subject! Leave on the comments what you think about this kind of video and also about your favorite books!

Today´s book is about our new era of communication and technology. We´re heavy users of internet and also the companies has notice that now we have our power to speak for thousands and thousands of people, about our opinion and our thoughts about anything in world.

Watch the Video



This book, Marketing 3.0 written by Philip Kotler, that is the father of the modern marketing and one of the most influences in business nowadays, talks about the evolution of how the companies communicates with mortal people like us and how is gonna be in the future.

The best thing is to know that the new strategy is to give value to the human being.

In the past, in the industry revolution the companies focused their strategy to sell you their products: this was the marketing 1.0.

After some years the focus in some not so long past was to focus on people, but things was so plastic, was so fake. You can search for some old advertising they´re always forcing you to buy

Something talking to you like you´re an idiot.

This was the marketing 2.0. And thanks god now we have the Marketing 3.0, that is focus on the human being, as part of our world, having the focus on our minds, our spiritual thoughts and the nature!

Of course this is only the beginning of a new era, but this is the strategy for the following future!

Finally the companies know us! We have bloggers and vloggers that do everything to spread the word about good and bad things to thousands and millions of followers that can finally hear a real person!

Also we have social media, so anyone can say anything about a product, a company and share their opinion, is like now we´re really part of this business world, everyone has the chance to speak!

We buy a product, not just because we saw an advertising, we buy a product because we like the company, we know the company is worried about saving our planet and not making tests on animals. We buy a service because we know that company will answer our questions on social media.

So this is the new era and I know is just the beginning but it sounds great!

And that´s it guys, if you like this subject, you don’t need to work or study marketing to understand is really easy to read and I hope you enjoy!

At the final of every book review I´ll show to you my research to where to find the best price for this book and today I found the best price in:

Amazon for $16 ! And also you can buy an used one for $2 !

If you find some better price, let me know in the comments so I can update this oost!







Hello everyone!

I´m so happy for this announcement!

Some months ago, I was invited by Rachelle Hruska, CEO of Guest of a Guest and one of the most important online entrepreneur worldwide to be part of this amazing team!  [ check this post about her ]

Now you can find my posts also in Guest of a Guest [] !



Check out my profile page on GOFG!

Every post that is gonna be featured on GOFG I´ll let you know and you can also search for the articles that will be always available in  My Articles .


Is a pleasure to be part of this amazing website and a big step to reach my dreams!


Thanks to all readers, to Rachelle and all GOFG team for this amazing opportunity!




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Miami, FL is one of the most Sexiest Cities in America (as featured at NBC).

The beach, the tourists, the sun and of course the amazing nightlife are responsible for this award!

From Italian restaurants, steakhouses to wine bars, this is definitely a lovely city!

Check out where to go to a have a romantic night out date at the sunny Miami!


Cibo Wine Bar

Absolutely one of my top choices to have a great night in Miami, Cibo Wine Bar is fancy, is sophisticated, since the entrance until the toilette with individual towels. The design, the atmosphere, the wine and the food…home made pastas! Could be any more amazing? The wine! The house wine is about $30 and let you feeling good, with an amazing taste! The place have about 3 ambient, the front part, the second floor and the rooftop. You have to check out the glass wine cellar!  This is my actual fav hot spot, to eat, drink and have an amazing night!


200 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL

+1 305-987-6060

Reservation Required


Prime 112

This classic steackhouse in Miami Beach, is one of the favorite hot spots for a lot of celebrities as Gisele Bündchen, Bill Clinton, Cameron Diaz, Cristiano Ronaldo (he was on the table behind me!), Anna Wintour (I saw it too… !)and a long long A list.

The place is really crowed and only accepts to dine with a reservation. The menu have a lot of different sizes and cuts of best meats on earth and sides that will make you want to come again. Order the T-Bone with the legendary truffle 5 cheese Mac ´n Cheese side. Romantic, fancy and delicious!



Reservation Required

Brown’s Hotel, 112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

+1 305-532-8112


Siena’s Tavern

This place is so lovely! Homemade pastas and a famous meatball that also have a twitter!


Great place, love the design, the bar has a great vibe. A cheap place, with a great ambient and amazing food!

Try the best PEPPERONI pizza in Miami and be surprised with the amazing taste!

Attentive & enthusiastic service and delicious, fresh food!


404 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Estados Unidos

+1 305-534-5577

Reservations Required



Think on a lunch where you can decide to eat a pasta or a fish or maybe a simple pizza. Imagine a place that is really fancy but with amazing prices and located on one of the most stylist shopping in world. Maybe you didn’t went to Carpaccio, but if you´re doing some shopping at Bal Harbour or just hanging out looking the stores and the stylish people you must have to go lunch on Carpaccio. An adorable place, amazing food and style. I always order the Salmone al Letto, fresh grilled salmon with olive oil, garlic, served in a bed of spinach with roasted potatoes.



Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL



Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

This white house was originally built in 1923 that was the site of Miami’s Fire Station No. 4.

With 6 ambient from restaurant, terrace and garden to private rooms.

At the top of the house, the terrace will take your breath away with a lovely decoration, romantic phrases on the walls bellow the Miami skyline.

At the restaurant room, an intimate vibe brings you to a perfect date.

Order the Gran Gnocchi di Patata in a Parmesan Cream Sauce Pesto and Fresh Portobello Mushrooms or the Dolores Baby Back Ribs – don’t be shy, it cames with a pair of gloves.

To cheers out the night, order the Bottle of House Wine for just $13 and have an amazing experience.



Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

1000 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL

(305) 403-3103



And what is your favorite hot spot in MIAMI?


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