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Friday night, that summer breeze, that cool beach vibe… where to go when you´re in Miami Beach?

Miami is a place that I know really well! The thing that I most love is that “forever-in-vacation-feeling” that is always so inspiring!

Today I´m gonna talk about a fancy restaurant that you MUST GO if you´re in Miami Beach!





Brown’s Hotel, 112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Only with reservation:

Website | Contact: +1 305-532-8112

Good to: Celebrate, Date, Friends, Family






The place is so-glam! Of course, a lot of celebs already had dinner here! Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, The Kardashians, Kanye West, basketball players like Lebron James, Cameron Diaz and it´s Gisele’s fav restaurant when she goes to Miami! When I visit last year, I saw Christiano Ronaldo, Anna Wintour and Federer!



The food… hum! It’s a steakhouse, but also vegetarians can have a great dinner too with a lot of seafood options.


Menu Advice

30 oz. Bone-In Rib Eye for 2 $74

The traditional: Five Cheese Truffle “MAC” $13

prime-112-restaurant truffledmacncheese2





The best days are Tuesday and Wednesday when is not so crowded. Saturday is the worst day, a LOT of people trying to get in!

You can only dine here with a reservation, don’t forget!




Hello everybody-that-was-crazy-for-the-weekend!

Today is friday, finally!

Every friday I post a restaurant, bar, lounge or a cool place to go…anywhere in world!

The city that I chose for today is… NEW YORK!

I love NYC! Glam, modern and edgy!




230 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001, Estados Unidos

Located on the heart of Manhattan on the glam 5th Ave, the rooftop lounge 230 Fifth have one of the best skyline view!


The building is actually a hotel and on the top a giant rooftop with 4 ambients. My last time there was in 2013 and was summer time so was an amazing weather, but when is winter it is possible to rent a sky coat to feel safe and warm without freezing!



I love NYC and this view directly to Empire State made me love even more this lounge.

600271_357932237674727_1335153259_n 1234981_357932357674715_1013867689_n



The menu don´t have too many options, but is how a lounge bar should be. Some few and amazing shared plates and entrees like salads and tacos. I tried some drinks and was all awesome!


Menu Tip

Hand Cut French Fries $7

Fresh, Crispy Hand cut Idaho Potato (Gluten Free)


Chicken Caesar Salad $16

Grilled Chicken, Croutons, Parmigiana Cheese, Creamy Caesar



To Drink

Strawberry Margarita $14

Tequila , Triple Sec, Line Juice , Strawberries



The breathtaking view, dress code, beautiful people. To see and to be seen.



Absolutely one of my fav hotspots in NYC! Don´t miss it if you´re going to New York!



Next week: Miami Beach!


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Leave on the comments, where is your hot spot in New York?




Miami, FL is one of the most Sexiest Cities in America (as featured at NBC).

The beach, the tourists, the sun and of course the amazing nightlife are responsible for this award!

From Italian restaurants, steakhouses to wine bars, this is definitely a lovely city!

Check out where to go to a have a romantic night out date at the sunny Miami!


Cibo Wine Bar

Absolutely one of my top choices to have a great night in Miami, Cibo Wine Bar is fancy, is sophisticated, since the entrance until the toilette with individual towels. The design, the atmosphere, the wine and the food…home made pastas! Could be any more amazing? The wine! The house wine is about $30 and let you feeling good, with an amazing taste! The place have about 3 ambient, the front part, the second floor and the rooftop. You have to check out the glass wine cellar!  This is my actual fav hot spot, to eat, drink and have an amazing night!


200 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL

+1 305-987-6060

Reservation Required


Prime 112

This classic steackhouse in Miami Beach, is one of the favorite hot spots for a lot of celebrities as Gisele Bündchen, Bill Clinton, Cameron Diaz, Cristiano Ronaldo (he was on the table behind me!), Anna Wintour (I saw it too… !)and a long long A list.

The place is really crowed and only accepts to dine with a reservation. The menu have a lot of different sizes and cuts of best meats on earth and sides that will make you want to come again. Order the T-Bone with the legendary truffle 5 cheese Mac ´n Cheese side. Romantic, fancy and delicious!



Reservation Required

Brown’s Hotel, 112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

+1 305-532-8112


Siena’s Tavern

This place is so lovely! Homemade pastas and a famous meatball that also have a twitter!


Great place, love the design, the bar has a great vibe. A cheap place, with a great ambient and amazing food!

Try the best PEPPERONI pizza in Miami and be surprised with the amazing taste!

Attentive & enthusiastic service and delicious, fresh food!


404 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Estados Unidos

+1 305-534-5577

Reservations Required



Think on a lunch where you can decide to eat a pasta or a fish or maybe a simple pizza. Imagine a place that is really fancy but with amazing prices and located on one of the most stylist shopping in world. Maybe you didn’t went to Carpaccio, but if you´re doing some shopping at Bal Harbour or just hanging out looking the stores and the stylish people you must have to go lunch on Carpaccio. An adorable place, amazing food and style. I always order the Salmone al Letto, fresh grilled salmon with olive oil, garlic, served in a bed of spinach with roasted potatoes.



Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL



Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

This white house was originally built in 1923 that was the site of Miami’s Fire Station No. 4.

With 6 ambient from restaurant, terrace and garden to private rooms.

At the top of the house, the terrace will take your breath away with a lovely decoration, romantic phrases on the walls bellow the Miami skyline.

At the restaurant room, an intimate vibe brings you to a perfect date.

Order the Gran Gnocchi di Patata in a Parmesan Cream Sauce Pesto and Fresh Portobello Mushrooms or the Dolores Baby Back Ribs – don’t be shy, it cames with a pair of gloves.

To cheers out the night, order the Bottle of House Wine for just $13 and have an amazing experience.



Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

1000 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL

(305) 403-3103



And what is your favorite hot spot in MIAMI?




Amirah Kassem is a baker in New York City. But not just a simple baker. She is best known as the owner and founder of Flour Shop, which she founded in 2012. Kassem specializes in sculpting custom cakes without the use of fondant. Kassem’s attitude and skill led to Bullet magazine naming her the “Baddest Baker in NYC.” She was also featured as a visionary in Month of Visionaries at Refinery 29.



Her clients include Katy Perry, Valentino, Beyonce, the Wu-Tang Clan, Sting and Snoop Dogg.

“I feel like creative people are more open to silly cakes”

With her unique style, she could make our eyes shine in front of her incredible creations and of course her lifestyle.

I was so curious to know more stuff about her, so check out Amirah Kassem´s exclusive quick interview for PINK Empowerment!

How you describe yourself?


 I’m the 5 year old version of myself

Zoodiac sign



Favorite Song


The Princess song by Harrow

My biggest secret is…


I believe in Santa Shhhhh!

What was your first job?


 I’m pretty sure I sold my grampa pennies for a dollar

Define your style


 Playful with a touch of glitter

A beauty tip


Stay natural 

What is in ?




What is out?



Being mean

A powerful woman is…


A confident woman 

Check out FlourShop website






*all photos copyrights for FlourShop

According to Baum + Whiteman, chief consultant of restaurants and international food, which leads every year this research, the major trend will be:





The use of tablets and mobile phones to place orders, updates of your booking, where you are and how much time will come.

Entering in the restaurant and be served by waiters wearing Google Glass with all your profile with your order, your preferences and options fully before chosen by you, that is what they already know what your request, your name and your preferences.

Custom everything.

Want to know the menu that will dominate 2015?





Oysters served with cocktails as lemongrass sauce or yuzu or granita.



Celery root, turnip and kohlrabi in puree form, fried, au gratin, stealing potato place as side.



The algae will emerge more and more as a snack and as an “aggregator” of flavor in funds, stocks, sauces and risottos, to give a flavor of the sea tastes.





In high experiences with Mexican or Korean peppers, mixing them with honey, butter and another ingredients. (My favorite trend for sure! #pimentalover)



Salted yogurt! Tomatoes, beets and pumpkin flavours.



Hummus as pasta, sandwiches, mixed with dozens of other ingredients such as beets, peppers, thai chili …. In addition, hummus is rich in protein and fiber and low in fat, so it’s a must have to those who wants healthy options.



The beer drink: Michelada! Based on the beer recipe, lemon juice and peppers.



The punches came in the age of mixology. In NoMad Bar in New York, for example, the punch takes brandy, Combier liqueur, lime juice, brown sugar, syrup, bitters, half a dozen lemons, a handful of mint and lots of ice.




Whiskeys, bourbons, ryes and scotchs are taking the place of vodka consumption leadership, getting more and more in cocktails and also begin to gain by flavoring versions.



In addition to the coffee versions, should include a menu of alcohol (beer and wine glasses) and sides as sausages and cheeses.



Detox juices, with vegetables, with distinct common ingredients, juices goes with everything and will dominate the menu! In addition to delicious, juices are very healthy!



This is the “neurogastronomy” ages: it has to do with how our senses cumulatively react to food and how to manipulate these senses. For example: Diageo discovered that enjoy a single malt in a space with grass and the sound of birds makes its flavor becomes more “green” with taste of herbs and leaves; already in a room with red light and furniture with curves, its taste is sweeter.

The best experience in the single malt tasting was in a place with creaking boards, a fire crackling and bass playing! In an experiment with Ferran Adrià, the professor at the University of Oxford, Charles Spence, demonstrated that a strawberry dessert is 10% sweeter when served on a white plate, compared to a black dish. Nestlé also found that the format of your chocolate affects the experience and taste. Chocolate curved (rather than straight pieces) melt better and release different flavors.



 Insects will start to increasingly appear in dishes served in restaurants and even on proteins bars. (I skip this trend, it was actually difficult to find a “nice” and “appetizing” photo to post! Ahahhaa)

And how you think it’s gonna be the gastronomy experience this year?


*photos by Getty Images

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