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What makes your heart beats fast?

What make you feel alive?

There is no such a place as that happiness place called freedom.

Freedom of mind and spirit.

When you’re free, when you let your wings spread the worries away.

You can find happiness.

You can find everything. Everything you need.

What do you really need?

Do you know what you want?

Do know what you love?

Finding something is always a chase for that feeling.

That one that will make your heart beat.

That one that will discover that hidden beat.

Finding yourself is more than a desire.

It’s how you breath.

And than everything else make sense.



Smile that opens doors.

Make wishes come true.

Make a negative vibration in a positive one.


Even if your heart is broken, even if you feel that you don’t want to.

Your brain can’t recognize a fake smile or an original one.

Why we want to fake it?

Because when your brain feels that you’re smiling, it spreads a positive vibration in all your body.

And surround you.

Smile. Even if is fake. Fake it until you make it.

Make it happen. If you’re feeling bad, just forget.

Today is a brand new day.

You should smile.


Some thinks that our story is all about destiny.

Some thinks that our life is about creating your own destiny.

Stories and Destinies.

I believe our life is the only story that we need to care about.

If you’re going in the right way, if you’re messing with your truth, is only possible to know when you’re writing this story.

You can’t just live your life in an automatic path, just living.

Stop blaming your destiny. Stop asking for changes.

Be the change. Be your destiny. Live.

Sometimes in life, we just need to take a deep breath and jump.

Go to your own path, your own story. Nobody can write this. Except you.

Make your own decisions.

Feel what makes you happy.

Be part of the changes that you want to see in world.


And start again.

Even if you already did this before.


And write your own story.

This blank book is waiting for you.

The title says “Life”.


We live in the society of fear. With stipulated standards and certain stereotypes.

Since the world exists, we learned that we should follow our dreams, believe and achieve it.

We tend to be negative, because the world taught us to fear the unknown.

This is not an easy journey. You must be brave.

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Be the best version of yourself is the construction of a road that can be winding.

I’m not sure if we’re fighting for our life’s to be the most satisfactory for ourselves or if we’re living in an automatic way, letting the world spin our life’s away.

The great names of history were denied, had their talents doubted. And they’re the same people that revolutionized generations.

When didnt existed the like button and to like somebody was just a simple word to express how a feeling can be simple, sincere and real.

Are we gonna continue to let our dreams

Quando o like era só sobre gostar de alguém de um modo simples, sincero e real.

How far will we let our goals escaping through our hands?

Is there any change to stop worring with numbers and live the moment?

And why we should care about everyone’s opinion, in which you represent a drop  of tear in the ocean?

I live my life

I live my life in search of the truth, hoping the best and being who I am.

Not an easy quest, but that’s what life is about. Life tesst you, surprises you and makes you unique.

Life for me, is more than just a trip. It’s the opportunity to tell a history that will be marked for eternity in my unique simple way.

That’s why we should write the best words for this storyline.

I’m Jacky Reis and my goal is to give the best of me, for you.

It doesn’t matter how it’s gonna be, just be always the best version of yourself.






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