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‘Elequen’ (ella-k-when)  is a canadian Singer/Songwriter, Model, Actress and Writer that is gonna involve you in her last released song “Rock my Body”, wanting to make you repeat and repeat !

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario and from a single parent home, from a very young age, Elequen knew where her standing would be in life and has spent many hours writing, creating songs and developing her talent.

By the time she reached the age of 12, she already had over 50 songs in her repertoire (a normal kid, you know,  like us that at the age 12 was just wondering how to…convince our parents to buy some hamburgers?)!

She work with professional producers/engineers including: Akeel Henry (credits include Kid Ink, Jeremih, Roy Woods, 11:11), Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Usher), Tom Coyne (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Adele), Mike Smith (Jhene Aiko, Eminem, Tinashe, Fefe Dobson).

I’m totally addicted to her vibes, amazing songwriting and a melody that wants you to sing out loud and obviously move my body!


Read her amazing interview listening to the new song ” Rock my Body”          



What is the story behind ‘Rock My Body’?

E: After taking a break from the studio for about a month and a half over the holidays, my producer and I came back together and it was magical! I think we were making up for lost studio time because Rock My Body came about pretty quickly! The song was written and the final vocals were recorded in the same session.

Share a beauty secret

E: Bathing in Coconut Oil almost every Sunday! Of course, I also bathe as usual but ever since I started having my weekly coconut oil baths my skin has been so much softer. And it’s all natural! Your skin will love you for it.

How can you define your style?

E: I would define my style as classy.

What is empowering for you?

E: Helping others!

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Resultado de imagem para soundcloud logo pngListen to her music!

*all images from Elequen's Instagram

Fernanda Britto has only 19 years old and an AMAZING style!

Her blog Aim In The Game has awesome tips about beauty, fashion and lifestyle!

I met her because of her Youtube Channel that is full of great content and secret tips and DYI!

I just love it!

Let´s meet her!



I’m a perfectionist, creative and a full-time dreamer.





I always have a new one that I listen a hundred times until I get sick of it. Right now, I’m obsessed with Often by The Weeknd.


I don’t have any. I’m an open book!




My style is a mix between edgy and sporty chic. I like to wear a lot of black, ripped jeans, bomber jackets, sneakers and high heels.

Invest in good quality skincare products and use them regularly. Also, never leave the house without sunscreen, you will thank me in 30 years from now!
what is in


Accepting others for who they are.

what is out


Hating/Bullying. At least, it should be out!

a powerful woman is




Someone who believes in herself and fights for her goals no matter what society says.


youtube channel

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*All photos from Aim In The Game 

Hey everybody!

Today I want to introduce you to Shay and Cassie from The Bucketlist Bombshells!


Cassie Torrecillas

They inspired me so bad that I wanted to tell them how they´re made me believe even more following my dreams after reading some of their articles! So I decided to do an interview!

In November 2013, after meeting at a coffee shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Shay and Cassie bonded over having bought a one-way ticket to Mexico after graduation, in pursuit of an alternative lifestyle with nothing else but laptops in hand and an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit.

Shay Orlena Brown portraits at Hotel La Semilla, Grand Coral Beach Club and Ah Cacao in the Riviera Maya's Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Shay Orlena Brown

A life-long friendship formed and one late night at the kitchen table, they created the Bucket List that would change their lives forever. They believed in not just dreaming about it but pursuing it – relentlessly.

Fast forward a few months later, at 22 and 23 years old, they were both successfully running online businesses working with clients from the UK to Dubai, with the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

Today, they’re dedicated to helping teach other recent grads how to follow their wanderlust dreams, embrace independence by working online and traveling the world!



I’m a big fan of you girls, you’re spreading to the world that everybody can do whatever they want for living and make life sounds much happier! When was “the” moment that you decided to have your own online business and say goodbye to the boring corporate world?

C: I’ve always been passionate about “untraditional” business, never really feeling like the corporate world was for me. In college I interned for an amazing social enterprise in Southern California, a jewelry company empowering women in Uganda and I fell in love with the idea of building my own business and essentially – writing my own rules. My few months there showed me what it looked like to wake up excited to do work I loved – my work was fueled by my passion and I was hooked.

“After graduation, I knew the corporate route wasn’t for me so I booked a one-way ticket to Mexico”

With the idea to take the skills I learned from my Strategic Communication and Business degree to start a small online website design business. To be honest, I wasn’t totally convinced it could work until, as fate would have it, I met Shay working on her laptop too at our local coffee shop in Mexico which gave me that extra push of motivation and direction I needed. I realized that not only could I really make my online business work but we could travel and see the world at the same time!

S: In the summer of 2012 I had an opportunity to work with a mentor who had an online web design business. She started showing me the ropes and I soon fell in the love with the idea of starting an online business. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur I just didn’t think I’d put that into action as soon after graduation as I did. I guess “the” moment happened for me when I went into work one day and was inspired by the founders of the start up I was working for.

“They were in it building their dreams, that was so inspiring for me and as much as I loved working there I knew that building someone else’s dream wasn’t for me. So I booked my one way ticket to Mexico, left two weeks later and haven’t looked back since.”

How this empowerment power happened in your life?


C: I believe that many experiences in my life over the years led me to feel empowered to ditch the corporate route and create my own online business. However, I truly feel that above all, my mom, who from day one has been my biggest mentor, supporter, encourager and cheerleader has played the largest role in instilling that feeling of empowerment within me. She has always stood behind my dreams and that support has been absolutely invaluable in allowing me to fearlessly and passionately make those dreams a reality.

S: I think that the reason I was able to make the decision to start my own business and travel the world at the same time has to do with my parents. They are both the most supportive people in the world and didn’t even blink twice when I told them I was leaving the country AND starting an online business. They’ve always encouraged me to create something of my own, to be independent and to never be afraid of failure. So I’d have to say the feeling of empowerment comes from the support I’ve received from my family.


Life is more than working and studying for so many hours. Is about having fun and doing whatever you want, like traveling! If you had to decide a place you want to go now, where it would be and what you gonna do ?

C: Yes, I absolutely agree! This year, I really want to explore Caye Caulker, Belize.

S: I would absolutely love to travel through Peru this year. Hiking the Inca Trail is high on my bucket list.

Leave a message for those who want to have the dream life and don’t know how to start:

C: It all comes down to taking action and making a change. You can make your dream, whatever that is, a reality by taking at least one step today that will get you closer to that dream. But nothing will change if you don’t make a change. You can dream about it for months or even years but at some point you must change from being a dreamer to a doer.

As for not knowing where to start, there are so many options – start by reaching out to someone who is currently living your “dream life” and ask them how they got started. Sign up for a free teleseminar, online course, watch YouTube videos, read blogs etc. to obtain the knowledge and tools you need.

S: First you need to figure out what you want. I’m not talking 5 year plan. Sit down and really think about how you would like the next 6 months to look. Does that mean heading off to a new country? Starting a blog? Becoming your own boss? Moving one city over? Whatever that looks like to you write it down. Then create a plan of action to get you there. To figure out how to get from A to B, start researching how to do x, y, z. There are a ton of resources and blogs out there that will help you create the life you want.


Tell us about the Work Online & Travel the World Course:

The Work + Travel Course is a 6-week, interactive video based online course that will teach you step-by-step how to work online while traveling the world (yes, at the same time!) giving you the financial freedom to follow your wanderlust without a backpacker’s budget (holla!).


Whether you’re a new grad that just isn’t interested in the conventional 9-5 or you’re a corporate girl ready to ditch the pencil skirt, The Work + Travel Course will give you the tools you need to find your bliss through travel while building a successful online business. In a nutshell, we’ll teach you how to be a full-time wanderlust seeker and #BucketlistBombshell.



What is in ? (anything in world) What is out? (anything in world)


C: What’s in: Co-working spaces!


What’s out: The ombre hair style. Cute on some but now it’s way overdone.


S: What’s is in… a yummy new late night drink I just discovered called caragillo. Iced coffee and liquor um yes please! What is out… Thai parachute pants.. who thought these were a good idea!?



A powerful woman is…

C: A powerful woman is confident, incredibly intelligent and straight up – unstoppable.

S: A powerful woman is a risk taker, go-getter and all around bad ass. She’s got a kind heart, a quick wit and an unquenchable drive to create something.

I loved this interview! If you want to know more about them:

 Check their website!


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Instagram @bucketlistbombshells

Twitter @@BLBombshells

Hello everyone!

I´m so happy for this announcement!

Some months ago, I was invited by Rachelle Hruska, CEO of Guest of a Guest and one of the most important online entrepreneur worldwide to be part of this amazing team!  [ check this post about her ]

Now you can find my posts also in Guest of a Guest [] !



Check out my profile page on GOFG!

Every post that is gonna be featured on GOFG I´ll let you know and you can also search for the articles that will be always available in  My Articles .


Is a pleasure to be part of this amazing website and a big step to reach my dreams!


Thanks to all readers, to Rachelle and all GOFG team for this amazing opportunity!




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Some months ago I posted on the Cool & Stuff #5, about the project The Atlas of Beauty that is an amazing project to show that :

Beauty Is Everywhere

 Kichwa woman in Amazonian rainforest

Mihaela Noroc changed her life, quit her job, made a backpack and started a new journey to photograph woman all over the world.

This project is amazing and I´m really happy that someone could dedicate her life, to show our planet’s diversity shown through portraits of women.





I took pictures with women in many different places from all continents, except Atarctica.  I captured beauty in brazilian favelas, rough neighbourhoods of Colombia, in an iranian mosque, on the Tibetan Plateau, in the biggest budhist temple of Myanmar, in the Amazon Rainforest, but also in fancy areas of Oxford, in downtown New York or in the suburbs of Sydney.



New York, USA

When I photograph a woman I talk a lot, I try to to make her feel special, proud and unique.  I can get along in 5 languages and this helps me a lot, but in some countries, talking becomes body language.


Baltic Sea

I prefer to photograph natural faces, without a lot of make-up, and to capture that moment of sincerity and serenity that is so specific for women.

Omo Valley, Etiopia

Sometimes I have only 30 seconds to make a portrait, because I meet a interesting woman, by chance, on the street. Other times, I maybe spend one hour, photographing, after I found her on a social network, a day before.



San Francisco


Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it’s not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself.

Rio de Janeiro

Global trends make us look and behave the same, but we are all beautiful because we are different. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is always somebody else.

Colca Valley, Peru

I think everybody has to cultivate their own beauty, rather than copying something that doesn’t suits. In the end, the original is better than a copy.

Bogota, Colombia

Maybe in 50 years all women from all around the world will dress and act the same. I hope my project will remain a witness of my era’s cultures and traditions.



Tbilisi, Georgia

My goal is to continue and take photos of women from each country of the globe, making “The Atlas Of Beauty” a mirror of our diverse societies and an inspiration for people that try to remain authentic.


Tibetan Plateau, China

For now, this is just a dream, but if people around the world will help me, I can continue and complete the Atlas.


In my previous journey I had dangerous moments, hard days of working, exhausting routes, unfriendly viruses, but I would do it again, with all my passion.


In June 2015 I want to start a new journey, to new places of our reach planet, but it all depends on finding funds.

Riga, Latvia

After this new trip I will have enough images to publish the first edition of The Atlas, creating an universe of diverse beauty, between two covers.








Gisele is an inspiration for everyone. Not just for models, fashionistas, but everybody who wants to achieve big dreams. She’s an amazing model, but she’s an amazing human being.

With a lot of social projects, she proved to the world that she’s one of the most powerful woman !

But… what happened?

The Gisele’s Runaway Retirement has been one of the most commented topic and I couldn’t let this just pass by!




“My Body ‘Asked To Stop'”


Colcci 2015 – SPFW – Her Last Runway

“I don’t see how to continue (modeling on the catwalk) … and stopping will leave room for other projects I have for myself,” Bundchen said in the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper interview, which was syndicated by Yahoo. “Automatically my body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it’s a privilege to be able to stop,” said the supermodel.


I’m sad that she’s not gonna be on the runaway anymore, but for special occasions she’ll be for sure!


And I agree with her, when you mind that you don’t have anything else to grow in any part of your life, you should stop to let new things happen and spread out your other thoughts, dreams and new vibes!



Dior 2003


Victoria’s Secret


Ricardo Almeida Winter 2003


Alexander McQueen Spring 1998

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Dior Runway 1/1

Dior 2007

And what you think is her best Runaway Moment?

Put on the comments and share with me!



Raquel Paiva is a lovely girl, but with a inspirational and personal unique attitude.

She´s a Brazilian fashion blogger and student based in New York City. After spending most of her youth on the coast of Sao Paulo, she came to the US for a new adventure: learning English and figuring out what do with her big passions: fashion and styling.

Her desire to work in the fashion industry that brought her to New York City.

Her fashionista style and personality inspires me and a lot of women all over the world.

With an amazing blog, she have fans all over the world and keep inspiring us with a unique style each day.

Check out the quick interview that I did with Raquel Paiva so we can meet her a little more!





I am definitely a dreamer who learned that to reach my dreams it’s important to get out of my comfort zone. I am very active and I love spending time outside. I am very into meeting new people, places, and things that can inspire me. I believe life is short, so carpe diem!








I have so many!! But there is one that I love to hear because it makes me feel good: Brand New Me by Alicia Keys.




I do have a big secret! But sorry, I can’t share it 😡



I used to work at an aquarium in Brazil (Acqua Mundo).



It’s hard to define, It really depends on the occasion and my mood. But I would say that I wear more casual and sporty chic on a daily basis, and during the weekend I am more creative and like to have fun choosing my clothes.



Argan oil for face! I am obsessed with it! I used to not put oil in my face at all because my face is a bit oily, but I decided to try. Now every night I use few drops before going to bed and its enough to keep my face moisturized and with a natural glow.



download (2)

Wide legged jeans and fringe, lots of fringes (on jackets, bags, pants, etc)!



Small minded judgements. Yuk!



A woman who accepts her flaws, even though she knows that the haters are gonna hate. Because she knows how to use her strengths towards reaching her dreams.

Raquel Paiva Blog




*All Photos By Lindsey Thoeng



Amirah Kassem is a baker in New York City. But not just a simple baker. She is best known as the owner and founder of Flour Shop, which she founded in 2012. Kassem specializes in sculpting custom cakes without the use of fondant. Kassem’s attitude and skill led to Bullet magazine naming her the “Baddest Baker in NYC.” She was also featured as a visionary in Month of Visionaries at Refinery 29.



Her clients include Katy Perry, Valentino, Beyonce, the Wu-Tang Clan, Sting and Snoop Dogg.

“I feel like creative people are more open to silly cakes”

With her unique style, she could make our eyes shine in front of her incredible creations and of course her lifestyle.

I was so curious to know more stuff about her, so check out Amirah Kassem´s exclusive quick interview for PINK Empowerment!

How you describe yourself?


 I’m the 5 year old version of myself

Zoodiac sign



Favorite Song


The Princess song by Harrow

My biggest secret is…


I believe in Santa Shhhhh!

What was your first job?


 I’m pretty sure I sold my grampa pennies for a dollar

Define your style


 Playful with a touch of glitter

A beauty tip


Stay natural 

What is in ?




What is out?



Being mean

A powerful woman is…


A confident woman 

Check out FlourShop website






*all photos copyrights for FlourShop

Andrea Whitt – Viola and Fiddle – Shania Twain’s Band

A musician, artist, bohemian fashion lover, vegan, cocktail enthusiast, yogi & animal lover.

When she’s not on tour with Shania Twain in Las Vegas, you can find her at home in sunny Los Angeles where she lives with her boyfriend, Justin & their boxer, Princess Bowie Stardust.

With a lovely unique bohemian look, this powerful woman shows all her talent and style at her personal blog:Bohemian Bunnie

Check out her style!

Andrea Whitt – Viola e Violino – banda da Shania Twain

Ela é música, artista, ama o estilo bohemian, vegan, adora cocktails, yoga e os animais.

Quando ela não está em turnê com Shania Twain em Las Vegas, você pode encontrá-la na ensolarada cidade de Los Angeles aonde ela vive com seu namorado Justin e o boxer Princess Bowie Stardust.

Com um estilo bohemian único, essa mulher poderosa mostra todo seu talento no blog pessoal : Bohemian Bunnie

Vamos conferir o lifestyle dela?



“I live in Los Angeles and work full time as a musician. My main gig is performing viola and fiddle with Shania Twain, but I also play in many other local bands and perform on recordings. When I’m not performing, I paint, do yoga and work on my blog that showcases my love for everything bohemian.”

“Eu moro em Los Angeles e meu trabalho principal é a música. Toco viola e violino com a Shania Twain, mas também toco com muitos outras bandas locais e em gravações. Quando não estou nos palcos, eu pinto quadros, faço ioga e trabalho no meu blog aonde mostro todo meu amor por tudo que é do estilo bohemian. “



                                                                                                                       “Defina seu estilo”

“70′s inspired bohemian rocker and flower child.”

“Inspirado no bohemian, nos anos 70, no estilo roqueiro e nos hippies”




“Moisturize! I always use a combination of oils and lotions to make sure my skin on my face and body stays super soft and hydrated.”

“Hidratar! Eu sempre uso uma combinação de óleos e loções para certificar-se que  minha pele do rosto e corpo está super macia e hidratada.”



“Embracing your creative side and branching out to live your passions. I’ve heard of so many people quit their corporate jobs to make their dreams a reality and social media has a lot to do with helping these people become successful.”

“Abraçar o seu lado criativo e libertar-se para viver as suas paixões. Já ouvi falar de tantas pessoas largaram o emprego para tornar seus sonhos uma realidade e as mídias sociais tem muito a ver com ajudar essas pessoas a se tornar bem-sucedido.”




“Going to a concert and taking video after video after picture of a live band. Live in the moment! “

“Ir a um show e ficar filmando e fotografando o tempo todo. Viva o momento! “



“Is someone who isn’t afraid to do what she loves and doesn’t care what others think in the process.”

“É alguém que não tem medo de fazer o que ela ama e não liga para o que os outros pensam. “


Thanks Andrea! I really enjoyed this interview, you’re a such talent and powerful woman! :)


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