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Make up is something that we can’t live without. Ok. I can’t I confess.

It makes me feel confident, it makes me feel different. I can be in so many vibes, in so many characters.

I can be a lovely girl or a powerful women. Of course there’s life without make up. In my case, 90% of my life I’m without makeup. Just being comfy at home and being myself with all my acne, scars and myself.

But I love make up anyways. Period.

So in my last trip to LA, I was invited by MAC to test the new products for the holidays!

The collection is called Magic of The Night and I JUST LOVED IT!

So many purple, brown, golden shades that made me confused at the time I have to choose!

Check out my experience at the Mac Holiday Event!





San Diego, California.

That place with that mexican style touch, the ocean is cold the sand is hot.

After traveling in one of the most coolest road trips of my life by Cali, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and Las Vegas (Nevada), finally we arrived to San Diego!

A trip with a lot of traffic, but in the end it worth it!

San Diego have that happiness vibe that California beach style.

The air, the food, that cold cheap draft beer made me remember how is good to travel, to have the wanderlust feelings in your vain. Your breath be taking away so many times.

Put in your wish list. San Diego is so good vibes is unforgettable!

Check out in this vlog everything we did there!


You can ask me now: Where is the most beautiful sunset in the world?

Even that I didn’t travel all the world ( #goals ) I know exactly what I’ll say: Santa Monica, California.

Without even thinking twice. Without any doubt.

I don’t know what is about California vibes. Is something in the air? In the water? In the energy?

Everything there is so much colorful, much happier, much amazing!

And of course, the sunset is breathtaking.

I remember my first time there and when the sun was going down I was like… WTF! That was the most beautiful scene I ever saw. That sun. That sky. That place.





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