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‘Elequen’ (ella-k-when)  is a canadian Singer/Songwriter, Model, Actress and Writer that is gonna involve you in her last released song “Rock my Body”, wanting to make you repeat and repeat !

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario and from a single parent home, from a very young age, Elequen knew where her standing would be in life and has spent many hours writing, creating songs and developing her talent.

By the time she reached the age of 12, she already had over 50 songs in her repertoire (a normal kid, you know,  like us that at the age 12 was just wondering how to…convince our parents to buy some hamburgers?)!

She work with professional producers/engineers including: Akeel Henry (credits include Kid Ink, Jeremih, Roy Woods, 11:11), Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Usher), Tom Coyne (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Adele), Mike Smith (Jhene Aiko, Eminem, Tinashe, Fefe Dobson).

I’m totally addicted to her vibes, amazing songwriting and a melody that wants you to sing out loud and obviously move my body!


Read her amazing interview listening to the new song ” Rock my Body”          



What is the story behind ‘Rock My Body’?

E: After taking a break from the studio for about a month and a half over the holidays, my producer and I came back together and it was magical! I think we were making up for lost studio time because Rock My Body came about pretty quickly! The song was written and the final vocals were recorded in the same session.

Share a beauty secret

E: Bathing in Coconut Oil almost every Sunday! Of course, I also bathe as usual but ever since I started having my weekly coconut oil baths my skin has been so much softer. And it’s all natural! Your skin will love you for it.

How can you define your style?

E: I would define my style as classy.

What is empowering for you?

E: Helping others!

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I was born in 1988. So I can consider myself almost from the 90’s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers was always playing in the radios. I just love grunge. Black pants, chess shirt, leather jacket and some rock’n roll. Just that. Many years passed by and I still love all those bands and all this style. I can consider almost all the time I’m wearing those clothes, this vibe. That’s totally my vibe.




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[ photo shoot by Gus Federighi ]

[ styling by Jacky Pink ]

What makes your heart beats fast?

What make you feel alive?

There is no such a place as that happiness place called freedom.

Freedom of mind and spirit.

When you’re free, when you let your wings spread the worries away.

You can find happiness.

You can find everything. Everything you need.

What do you really need?

Do you know what you want?

Do know what you love?

Finding something is always a chase for that feeling.

That one that will make your heart beat.

That one that will discover that hidden beat.

Finding yourself is more than a desire.

It’s how you breath.

And than everything else make sense.



Smile that opens doors.

Make wishes come true.

Make a negative vibration in a positive one.


Even if your heart is broken, even if you feel that you don’t want to.

Your brain can’t recognize a fake smile or an original one.

Why we want to fake it?

Because when your brain feels that you’re smiling, it spreads a positive vibration in all your body.

And surround you.

Smile. Even if is fake. Fake it until you make it.

Make it happen. If you’re feeling bad, just forget.

Today is a brand new day.

You should smile.


Some thinks that our story is all about destiny.

Some thinks that our life is about creating your own destiny.

Stories and Destinies.

I believe our life is the only story that we need to care about.

If you’re going in the right way, if you’re messing with your truth, is only possible to know when you’re writing this story.

You can’t just live your life in an automatic path, just living.

Stop blaming your destiny. Stop asking for changes.

Be the change. Be your destiny. Live.

Sometimes in life, we just need to take a deep breath and jump.

Go to your own path, your own story. Nobody can write this. Except you.

Make your own decisions.

Feel what makes you happy.

Be part of the changes that you want to see in world.


And start again.

Even if you already did this before.


And write your own story.

This blank book is waiting for you.

The title says “Life”.


Yeah. You woke up in 2016. And together with your headache of that champagne from the last night, your thought about your behavior, your choices, your life.

Not easy to change. Not easy to wake up in a brand new year, right?

But, what about making it different, thinking in new goals, making your dreams come true?

Ok. That’s not the problem. Dreaming is totally for free. Making it happen… is all about MAKING IT HAPPEN.

And I know that is not easy at all.

But why keep in this bad energy? The new year just began and you’re thinking about what you did and what you didn’t in this last year? Forget it all.

Yes. Easy like that. Take all that 2015 crap from your mind and lock it where you can never open.

Forget. Wake up. New Year, new vibe. New You.

Check out my tips to Moral Hangover and a Real Champagne Hangover. You gonna be fine girl.


Make up is something that we can’t live without. Ok. I can’t I confess.

It makes me feel confident, it makes me feel different. I can be in so many vibes, in so many characters.

I can be a lovely girl or a powerful women. Of course there’s life without make up. In my case, 90% of my life I’m without makeup. Just being comfy at home and being myself with all my acne, scars and myself.

But I love make up anyways. Period.

So in my last trip to LA, I was invited by MAC to test the new products for the holidays!

The collection is called Magic of The Night and I JUST LOVED IT!

So many purple, brown, golden shades that made me confused at the time I have to choose!

Check out my experience at the Mac Holiday Event!





San Diego, California.

That place with that mexican style touch, the ocean is cold the sand is hot.

After traveling in one of the most coolest road trips of my life by Cali, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and Las Vegas (Nevada), finally we arrived to San Diego!

A trip with a lot of traffic, but in the end it worth it!

San Diego have that happiness vibe that California beach style.

The air, the food, that cold cheap draft beer made me remember how is good to travel, to have the wanderlust feelings in your vain. Your breath be taking away so many times.

Put in your wish list. San Diego is so good vibes is unforgettable!

Check out in this vlog everything we did there!


You can ask me now: Where is the most beautiful sunset in the world?

Even that I didn’t travel all the world ( #goals ) I know exactly what I’ll say: Santa Monica, California.

Without even thinking twice. Without any doubt.

I don’t know what is about California vibes. Is something in the air? In the water? In the energy?

Everything there is so much colorful, much happier, much amazing!

And of course, the sunset is breathtaking.

I remember my first time there and when the sun was going down I was like… WTF! That was the most beautiful scene I ever saw. That sun. That sky. That place.





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