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We live in the society of fear. With stipulated standards and certain stereotypes.

Since the world exists, we learned that we should follow our dreams, believe and achieve it.

We tend to be negative, because the world taught us to fear the unknown.

This is not an easy journey. You must be brave.

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Be the best version of yourself is the construction of a road that can be winding.

I’m not sure if we’re fighting for our life’s to be the most satisfactory for ourselves or if we’re living in an automatic way, letting the world spin our life’s away.

The great names of history were denied, had their talents doubted. And they’re the same people that revolutionized generations.

When didnt existed the like button and to like somebody was just a simple word to express how a feeling can be simple, sincere and real.

Are we gonna continue to let our dreams

Quando o like era só sobre gostar de alguém de um modo simples, sincero e real.

How far will we let our goals escaping through our hands?

Is there any change to stop worring with numbers and live the moment?

And why we should care about everyone’s opinion, in which you represent a drop  of tear in the ocean?

I live my life

I live my life in search of the truth, hoping the best and being who I am.

Not an easy quest, but that’s what life is about. Life tesst you, surprises you and makes you unique.

Life for me, is more than just a trip. It’s the opportunity to tell a history that will be marked for eternity in my unique simple way.

That’s why we should write the best words for this storyline.

I’m Jacky Reis and my goal is to give the best of me, for you.

It doesn’t matter how it’s gonna be, just be always the best version of yourself.






Let’s talk about dreams? And nightmares. Of course.

What happens when we dream?

Why we dream the same stuff?

What dreams means?

Today, I’ll reveal everything for you!

Did you know that pass thru life more than 1/3 dreaming?

When you have 60 years, you already dreamed more than 6 full years, can you believe this?

It’s like a Matrix? Wow… maybe!

Let’s talk about this another day, right?

Ok! So let’s go directly to the point!

Why we dream?

I already dreamed with a lot of crazy stuff:

Frogs jumping in my bed. Running in a castle. Latin phrases on the ceiling. Assassin Clowns. Magic indians.

And much more!

Why we dream?

While we’re sleeping, we pass thru 5 stages of sleep.

The first one is that lazy smooth sleep. Do you know that sleeping phase while you’re watching a terrible movie at television?

So the stages flows and goes deeper and deeper.

When you get the stage 5, the R.E.M (Rapid Eyes Moviment), this is the deepest stage of dream, where your body is completely relaxed and your brain is working a lot.

Your brain works to organize all the information that we receive everyday, our memories, thoughts, feelings and worries.

The scientists says that our dreams are non sense because this organization is something that only makes sense for our brain.

Everybody dreams?

Yes! Everybody has in average 5 dreams per night. The problem is that we don’t remeber. Not everybody remember their dreams, but also is all about genetics. That’s why some people reminds more than others.

About 12% of people dreams in black and white! In the 60’s this number was more than 50%, because television and movies were in black and white! Incredible!

Scientists says that we can’t create faces. So everyone that appears in your dreams… exists!

Some one you saw today in the streets or a long time ago when you were a child!

The front part of our brain is responsible for our reasonable thoughts and it’s almost turned off while we dream. The other creative parts are working a lot, so that’s why our dreams sometimes are so fabulous.

Types of Dreams

There are 2 types of dreams. The lucid dreams and the vivid dreams.

Lucid dreams are those that you KNOW that you’re dreaming and sometimes you can also control some parts of your dreams. Those ones who you can kiss an unicorn, drink a beer with a fair or pretend you’re famous on Youtube.

The vivid dreams are those ones you wake up crying, afraid or really happy because it looks like is REAL.

Premonition exists?

Premonitions are not proved that exists. But every time I dream a nightmare, I stay all day with a bad feeling.

Have you ever had this feeling?


What are the most common dreams and the meaning?

Check out the full video about it!


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