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Do you know that presure in your chest that appears every sunday night?

You just can’t stop thinking that monday is coming and you… have to work!

If you stop and analyze our lifestyle, we’re living to work and forgeting our REAL LIFE.

Have you ever thought that we spend more than 10 hours per day in our job?

So this job has to be … a pleasure!

But… for real… it is?


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It´s sunday. You’re with that head ache that seems is going to last forever. And also a bad feeling. Why?

It’s not that laziness that you feel every sunday. Is another feeling. Is a feeling that you’re wasting your time.


There’s something really wrong. I don’t want to affirm that successful people are always in a great mood, but usually they don’t suffer that much. If you’re feeling a bad vibes every sunday night… you should stop and think. It could be the first sign.


you hate mondays

Of course you hate mondays. If you hate sundays, imagine mondays. You take a long time to wake up, you keep trying to convince yourself that is fine, that you can stay just… a little more.

Your wish is that your boss appear in the front of your bed and say “You don’t need to work today!”.

Yes. But… no. You have to wake up, wash your face and start to think why your life is so boring.

Life is boring or your lifestyle is boring?



youre lost


You can’t concentrate anymore. You try to focus, you try your best. But it just don’t work. Everytime you’re trying to finish that job you’re in BuzzFeed. You just can’t stop thinking how great should be those who works at home.

You keep imagining yourself in another place, another city and another job.

Yes. This is real. And you should start a new plan.


you dont love what you do


When you present yourself to somebody usually you say your name and what do you do. And for the last times you are trying to avoid the subject “work” in your conversations with friends and family.

If you have this questions, you just don’t love what you do.

Yes, you’re in the wrong career.


youre jealous

You just had a lunch with your friend and she’s the type of people that LOVE their jobs. She don’t stop talking about her plans and how happy she is. You keep looking at her face imagining that her dad helped her with money. That her boyfriend presented her for some important VIP. You can’t pay attention to her because your mind is just lost inside… so jealous.

You have to assume that you want to have also this lifestyle. And there is no problem to change your path!

Stop wasting your time with a job that you hate!

But… how to change you life? How to find your path!

My advice: MEDITATION.

It’s not magic. And of course no answer is going to appear in 1 day. But if you do meditation a routine in your life, not only this question will have some better answers, but other things that you’re avoiding in your life, will have some insights.

So, before you lose your precious life time in another job, try to find yourself.

Meditation does a powerful change in our brain and help us to concentrate and connect ourselves with universe.

So… you don’t have time right?

Wake up 20 minutes before you usually wake up, sit on your bed, close your eyes and try to avoid any thoughts.

You don’t believe that this could change physically your body?

Check this out:




Don’t let life just happen. Don’t live just for living. Be the best version of yourself.


Many times, we feel pressured. It´s like our energy is getting heavier.

We feel that we´re in a cage on the zoo.

All that stupid people making fun of your face, talking bullshit of your life.

How to ignore people´s opinion?



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Let´s face the true right? Some people just don’t like you.

When you try to please this kind of people is obvious is just a waste of time.

And the worst? You know this!

When you ignore people´s judgement and live your life the way you want, more you going  to feel safe to be who you are

When you´re not insecure, people will respect you.

[ some people are and always will be non-sense, accept this too and ignore them, the same way you ignore when your phone rings to wake you up ]

I like when people says that I´m cold, snobbish or overbearing.

Do you know what this means? My barrier is established!

Humans has this tendency to respect people that are strong, that emanate high self-esteem.

And of course, destroy those that emanates insecurity and fragility.

I´m not telling you to act like an asshole.

[but I understand sometimes is extremely necessary. ]

Accept that you´re being judged all the time, but you don´t have to believe in those words. Don´t let them affect you.

The thing is that you don´t have to care about what others think about you, this won´t change a thing!

Ok, that´s fine but how to do this?


the best revenge

The more you live your life as you want it, the more people will judge you.

And if you live happier, you gonna be judged even more.

The best revenge for this, live even more!

Do what you like, do what you want and don´t care about others.

We all have different experiences. You might go on a thrill ride or experience and hate it.

You can’t get anyone else to say, think or do anything and ultimately people will say, think and do as they please. Just because someone has a negative opinion of you and you feel hurt or disagree, doesn’t mean their opinion is correct. It also doesn’t mean your opinion is correct. If someone is foolish enough to believe a rumour and judges you accordingly, then you just dodged a bullet!

When people notice that you don´t care about their opinion they gonna be mad. For the first impression. After that, they will notice that you don´t care and this won´t affect you.

So live fiercely, be worried about being true to yourself, make plans, write down in your mind that you´re awesome, that you´re strong, that your life is amazing, live this, feel this until you… become this!



One of the best seller´s author and blogger Julien Smith that wrote “ The Flinch”, said why he believe you have to be brave and break the rules.

The more you let people judge you, the more they will.

If you show that you´re insecure, they gonna brake you down.

I´m the kind of person that I don´t care what other talks about me. And if they say something that I don´t like, I said it on their face.

I´m not telling you should act like me, because to be brave, you have to face the situations and deal with them.

But stop being a fool. Stop accepting everything they say about you and pretend that is ok.

You didn’t liked what someone said about you? Take that ironic smile and ignore.

Don´t try to fix your behaviors, don´t try to explain yourself why this happened.

Be true to yourself, respect yourself, and you´re gonna be respected.

[and if they don’t respect you just fuck off]



Is that type of situation that just bring your self down. This vibe is so poor and bad that looks like you gain about 300 pounds, you want to disappear or just pretend you´re a stone.

Keep calm and be positive.

I like the smile strategy.

That stupid person is criticizing you, talking a lot of bullshits and making you feel bad.

You just smile.

It´s fake, is sarcastic, you try it so hard, it looks impossible.

But your unconscious mind reads the smile as a good vibration. Your subconscious don’t know that you´re sad and you want to pull this person in the hole of hell, the body send the information for your brain

That you´re smiling, and in some minutes, you gonna feel better and even laugh truly to this situation.

Those who try to demean you are desperately trying to look better by reducing an humiliating you. This is funny. Laugh, on their face.



You don´t have to be the most intelligent, the most skinny, the most beautiful, the best of the bests.

Don´t pretend you´re somebody else to please others.

Don´t please other, thinking that you gonna please yourself doing this.

Never let go something you love, because somebody said it´s not for you.,

Forget the past, what you concentrate today, is to create the future, so be careful.

Brené Brown, one of the best sellers about human behavior said” The Perfection is correlated with depression, anxiety, addiction, and constant interruption of life or missed opportunities. The fear of failure, mistake, does not meet the expectations of people, and being criticized keeps us out of the arena where healthy competition happens. ”

I´m a perfectionist person and this is so hard. Every time I think I could do it better, think it better, make it better and this thoughts keep hammering in my head.

I always try to be the best and I try to do the best, but I never think is enough. You know what is worst? If I listen to other people talking about my fails, my head starts burning and sometimes I think will explode.

[have you ever felt this explosion head feeling? Leave on the comments]

Respect your limits, accept your talents, live the life the way you want it.



Those who know me better, knows that I don´t have fear to tell people the truth.

If I don´t like it, I just say it.

I laugh when I think I have to, I use 1 dollar clothes, I listen annoying stupid pop music, I use make up to hike the Grand Canyon and I don´t care about what you think about me.

That clothes that you love but you´re shamed of it, because is not a trend anymore and you feel observed when you used, do you know those ones?

Break the rules, use it and fuck off.

When people look to you with those evil eyes. Judge them too.

Do what your heart says, be who you want to be and the rest… only the rest.




When you´re insecure, you´re a bait for bad vibe people.

[ when you create a YouTube channel…. Is like you´re in the cage with the lions ]

So find a place that you belong.

When you´re not in the right ambient, with the right people, things are gonna be harder.

Do you like your job?

Do you still believe that those friends are real?

If you live a lie, doing things that supposed to be right, you never gonna be free of others opinion.

Those ones who lives the life they want, they´re so worried to make it happen, they don´t care about nobody else´s opinion.

So be the one you want and live that way. Be always the best version of yourself.




The quieter you become the more you can hear – Ram Dass


We live our lifes, running fast against the clock.

Our work demands us to be focus about 10 hours per day.

And our family, friends and other compromises let you awake the other 14 hours.

Because even when you sleep, your mind keep working on your worries, your thoughts and your fears.

As part of the technological age, we are connected 24/7, and we find it difficult to switch off.

But is important to take a time to disconnect from world.


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While you´re working or studying, you´re always take some little breaks to see the news, checking to see if you missed something on Instagram or Facebook, as we could not be off anytime, with that fear of losing something…

But losing what exactly?

The only thing you´re losing is being focus on what you doing.

You being distracted by stories that won´t change your life and listening to things that maybe can impact your state of mind negatively.

Try to focus. When you´re doing something, keep your mind on it.

You gonna do a greater job and you gonna understand everything around with much more clarity.



As result of all this technology world that we´re living, we spend more time inside than outside.

This is the vitamin D shortage generation, and this is really alarming.

Not getting sunlight enough is something more dangerous than you can really imagine.

We live in small places, we work in the concrete towers and we´re always on our car or an bus.

As a result, we have lost touch with our connection with nature, which studies suggest is vital for our health.

We all know how refreshing is to go for a walk without any reason.

We just forget or try excuses like “ I don’t have time”

But the connection we get from being in nature utilizes all the senses and brings clarity and focus.

That´s why sometimes when you take a walk on the park, great ideas come in your mind and some fears just disappear.


So let´s do a challenge.

This week, when you wake up and eat your breakfast, don’t check any social media.

Turn off the device and enjoy .

On the weekend, take at least one day to be totally offline. Go hang out with your friends, try to make new real friends.

Check how you gonna feel, you gonna feel normal, light and totally ok!


I’m not suggesting we should all go and live in caves on the top of a mountain, but I am an advocate for ensuring we have an opportunity to disconnect.

The most important thing to know is that we CAN have some disconnected moments, and that´s ok, you gonna survive!

When you know that, you gonna live your life in so many other ways, there´s really a world outside that we can live and off course be online too, but the important thing is to realize that outside is really important than inside.



We have been conditioned by society to maximize every second of the day by doing something. Some people see relaxing as unproductive, wasting time, and even selfish if we’re taking time for ourselves. Why taking care of ourselves is selfish? This is the most important thing ever.







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