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Design | Decor Ideas

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It’s time to move into your first home and together it cames some design doubts:

What to buy?

What is useful, what is worthless, what is design?

What decorating/design style I’ll  follow?

Have a bed for his mother?

In this post I will give some ideas from a 25 year old woman who since age 19 has left the parental home to live with her husband and hasalready  moved 4 times!

It’s really usual to buy basic survival items (from the couch, tv, bed and pans) but it’s also cool to have a personality and define  your house’s personality design:



Chose an art design that is up to your style, can be joyful or sober, with the colors that you most like it.


Have a design Cool Item, can be a bookcase with a different color, a bar (even if is just for decoration) or a sideboard with books and decoration.




parede colorida tinta


Paint one wall of the house with a very nice color, be careful of colors that are warm and cheerful to don’t have a heavy atmosphere, give preference to places like the dining room and balcony. Cool colors generally give an air of tranquility over to the living room and bedrooms.




 I really love the Chalkboard, which is nothing more than a blackboard that you have the freedom to express your imagination and a different design! It can be a drawing, a message, release the artist that’s in you! It’s cool to put on specific places like a small wall or in a corner to give a highlight and not be overstated!




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