#inspirationalmondays | Finding Yourself

#inspirationalmondays | Finding Yourself

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What makes your heart beats fast?

What make you feel alive?

There is no such a place as that happiness place called freedom.

Freedom of mind and spirit.

When you’re free, when you let your wings spread the worries away.

You can find happiness.

You can find everything. Everything you need.

What do you really need?

Do you know what you want?

Do know what you love?

Finding something is always a chase for that feeling.

That one that will make your heart beat.

That one that will discover that hidden beat.

Finding yourself is more than a desire.

It’s how you breath.

And than everything else make sense.



Jacky has a creative mind always thirsty to find a new whimsical idea. Wanderlust is part of her life.PINK Empowerment, that is more than a blog, is an electronic magazine, an inspiration, a desire, a cool hunting of everything that is hype from woman’s world, with a creative and intelligence feelings. She believes on the power of universe, fights to promote gender equality and empower woman.