#inspirationalmondays | Write Your Story

#inspirationalmondays | Write Your Story

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Some thinks that our story is all about destiny.

Some thinks that our life is about creating your own destiny.

Stories and Destinies.

I believe our life is the only story that we need to care about.

If you’re going in the right way, if you’re messing with your truth, is only possible to know when you’re writing this story.

You can’t just live your life in an automatic path, just living.

Stop blaming your destiny. Stop asking for changes.

Be the change. Be your destiny. Live.

Sometimes in life, we just need to take a deep breath and jump.

Go to your own path, your own story. Nobody can write this. Except you.

Make your own decisions.

Feel what makes you happy.

Be part of the changes that you want to see in world.


And start again.

Even if you already did this before.


And write your own story.

This blank book is waiting for you.

The title says “Life”.


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