Meet Elequen: Canada´s New R&B/Pop Diva

Meet Elequen: Canada´s New R&B/Pop Diva

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‘Elequen’ (ella-k-when)  is a canadian Singer/Songwriter, Model, Actress and Writer that is gonna involve you in her last released song “Rock my Body”, wanting to make you repeat and repeat !

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario and from a single parent home, from a very young age, Elequen knew where her standing would be in life and has spent many hours writing, creating songs and developing her talent.

By the time she reached the age of 12, she already had over 50 songs in her repertoire (a normal kid, you know,  like us that at the age 12 was just wondering how to…convince our parents to buy some hamburgers?)!

She work with professional producers/engineers including: Akeel Henry (credits include Kid Ink, Jeremih, Roy Woods, 11:11), Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Usher), Tom Coyne (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Adele), Mike Smith (Jhene Aiko, Eminem, Tinashe, Fefe Dobson).

I’m totally addicted to her vibes, amazing songwriting and a melody that wants you to sing out loud and obviously move my body!


Read her amazing interview listening to the new song ” Rock my Body”          



What is the story behind ‘Rock My Body’?

E: After taking a break from the studio for about a month and a half over the holidays, my producer and I came back together and it was magical! I think we were making up for lost studio time because Rock My Body came about pretty quickly! The song was written and the final vocals were recorded in the same session.

Share a beauty secret

E: Bathing in Coconut Oil almost every Sunday! Of course, I also bathe as usual but ever since I started having my weekly coconut oil baths my skin has been so much softer. And it’s all natural! Your skin will love you for it.

How can you define your style?

E: I would define my style as classy.

What is empowering for you?

E: Helping others!

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